Hello Beautiful

First and foremost, I am a woman that has been working in the beauty industry for many many years now. During these years, I have worked with different women and one extraordinary realization came to my modest mind. Since then my main dream has become to make every and each of you very special feeling good in your skin regardless of who you are, how old you are, or where you are from.

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And that is how the Mia Skin was created…. To help women make the best choices to facilitate their inner and outer beauty.

In order for you to make your skin younger, more revitalized and glowing, you do not have to go through complicated daily beauty routine or spend fortune. The key is a bit of trust, willingness and commitment to a few minutes of time every day to yourself where you and your face are the main actresses. My very simple and very efficient beauty treatments are able to do wonders to your skin and allow you to look at yourself from a new perspective, with greater compassion, love and amazement.

My skin care devices are right for those of you who are not so regular to the professional beauty studios and those who are not able to imagine their lives without a visit or two to one. The beauty treatment plans I have created would satisfy the most demanding tastes and expose the hidden beauty of each of you taking only a few simple steps to encourage it.


This is not only based on my mare observation, but the thousands of women that trusted me and never regretted it!!! I would dare to call my products & beauty plans ‘the Declaration of Independence’ for your skincare at your own environment, with a lovely music, cup of tea/mulled wine at exactly the time you have to commit to it and change the ‘life of your skip’ for better.

The trust I was given by my clients, complimented by their results, are my motivation to help and invent more way for us women to be beautiful, confident and hungry for life and future.

Trust in Mia Beauty Concept as many women have so far and you will not be disappointed.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Barbara Dziewirz 

Mia Skin founder